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Welcome to our home page. ACIS, the AXAF CCD Imaging Spectrometer, is an instrument built by a team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Center for Space Research and the Pennsylvania State University for the Chandra X-ray Observatory (formerly, AXAF), scheduled for launch in 1999. It will share the Chandra focal plane with SAO's High Resolution Camera. MIT is also responsible for Chandra's High Energy Transmission Grating instrument (HETG), whose companion Low Energy Transmission Grating (LETG) is supplied by SRON, (Utrecht) and MPE, Garching.

Some Chandra News Releases
* "Chandra Resolves X-ray Glow intro Millions of Objects",
NASA News Release, January 13, 2000.
* Chandra X-ray Observatory Status Update
NASA News Release 99-243, September 14, 1999.
* Chandra X-ray Observatory Status Update
NASA News Release 99-105, June 24, 1999.
* Chandra X-ray Observatory Status Update
NASA News Release 99-101, June 18, 1999.
* Chandra X-ray Observatory Status Report
NASA News Release, January 26, 1999.
* NASA Announces Delay in Shipment of Chandra Observatory
NASA News Release N99-4, January 20, 1999.
Introduction to the ACIS Instrument
* ACIS Focal Plane Instrument for the AXAF-I Spacecraft -- a paper by Boughan et al. describing the instrument and its major components.
* Spectroscopy with ACIS -- a report by Canizares et al. that appeared in Issue 2 of the AXAF News.
* Science Instrument Operations Handbook, ACIS-PSU-SOP-01, Version 2.65, J. Nousek, PSU, November 20, 1997. (Also available in compressed PostScript and Acrobat formats, 183 pages).
* Software Users Guide 36-54003, Rev. A, July 21, 1999 (Also available in compressed PostScript and Acrobat formats, 187 pages).
Instrument Verification and Test Procedures
* Hardware Verification Procedures to be used during SIM integration
* Long-Form Functional Test Procedure . (Document 36-01301.01, revision E, released 06/09/97; also available as a pdf)
* Short-Form Functional Test Procedure . (Document 36-01301.02, revision E, released 01/29/98; also available as a pdf)
* Thermal Vacuum Test Procedure . (Document 36-01306, revision B, released 02/7/97)
* Software Verification Status (restricted access)
* XRCF Flat Field Test Reports: High-Speed Tap vs. Telemetry and Telemetry Bias Subtraction.
ACIS Data & Software
CCD Quantum
* A Catalog of Source Spectra for the X-ray Calibration Facility (XRCF) in Huntsville.
* ACIS Flight Software from MIT.
* ACIS Calibration Software from PSU.
* ACIS Preliminary Calibration Report
Other Chandra News Releases
* Media to Get Best Chance to View NASA's Newest Great Observatory at California Unveiling Jan. 14
NASA News Release 99-005, January 12, 1999.
* NASA Selects New Name and Sets New Launch Date for Advanced Space X-Ray Telescope
NASA News Release 98-253, December 21, 1998.
* NASA Delays Shipment of X-Ray Telescope to Kennedy Space Center to Allow Additional Testing
NASA News Release 98-135, October 13, 1998.
* NASA X-Ray Observatory Completes Tests Under Harsh Simulated Space Conditions
NASA News Release 98-92, July 8, 1998.
* Assembly of NASA's X-ray Telescope Completed
NASA News Release 98-43, March 12, 1998.
* Collins Named First Female Shuttle Commander
NASA News Release 98-37, March 5, 1998.
* Advanced X-Ray Astrophysics Facility Delivery Delayed,
NASA News Release 97-278, December 5, 1997.
* Advanced X-Ray Telescope Mirrors Provide Sharpest Focus Ever,
NASA News Release 97-48, March 20, 1997.
* AXAF Mirror Assembly Completed,
NASA News Release 96-212, October 18, 1996.
* Information from TRW, the AXAF prime contractor.
* The AXAF contribution to NASA's 1998 Budget
* AXAF News, Issue 5 , from the AXAF Science Center.
* AXAF Bulletin Board at the Marshall Space Flight Center.
* AXAF Project Science at the Marshall Space Flight Center.
* TRW's AXAF X-Ray Calibration Test Conductor home page.
Other News About ACIS
* DPA Engineering Unit -- Intermittent FEP Failure Report
by Dorothy Gordon
* A Flexprint Failure Analysis by Al Pilsbury of MIT's Lincoln Laboratory.
* The MIT ACIS team's contributions to the 1996 SPIE Conference #2808 on Instrumentation for EUV, X-ray and Gamma-Ray Astronomy.
* The home page of the 2-Chip ACIS Instrument.
* This month's ACIS Progress Report, (updated), and the report archive.
* The ACIS Configuration Database.
* ACIS Picture Gallery.
* Restricted Chandra, ASC, PSU, and CSR material.
* Planning to visit us at MIT? We are located at 70 Vassar Street and 1 Hampshire Street.
* More information about Chandra from NASA's Spacelink service.

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