ACIS Flight Software
Users Guide

36-54003 Rev. A, July 21, 1999
Contract NAS8-37716, DR SDM05

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Purpose
1.2 Scope
1.3 References
2.0 Overview
2.1 Instrument Hardware Overview
2.2 Instrument Software Overview
2.3 Commands and Telemetry
3.0 Instrument Maintenance Activities
3.1 Starting the Software
3.2 Stopping the software
3.3 Changing the System Configuration
3.4 Monitoring the Instrument
3.5 Managing the Bad Pixel and Column Maps
3.6 Memory Dumps
3.7 Memory Loads
3.8 Calling Subroutines
3.9 Radiation Monitor Triggers
4.0 Instrument Science Activities
4.1 Performing a Science Run
4.2 Performing a Bias-Only Science Run
5.0 Example Scenarios
5.1 On-Orbit Checkout
5.2 Instrument Restart after a Power-Off
5.3 "Warm" Instrument Re-start
5.4 Timed Exposure Science Run with Imaging CCDs
5.5 Timed Exposure Science Run with Spectroscopy CCDs
5.6 Continuous Clocking Science Run with Spectroscopy CCDs
5.7 Radiation Belt Passage
5.8 Focal-Plane Bakeout
5.9 Scatter Load from Uplink
Appendix A. ACIS Power Table
Appendix B. Active Patch List
Appendix C. Issue Summary
Appendix D. IP&CL References

  1. Hardware Architecture
  2. FEP Power Supplies and Enables
  3. Video Board ADC Signal Path

  1. Reference Documents
  2. BEP Tasks
  3. Power On Command Sequence
  4. Power On Engineering Telemetry
  5. Power On Science Telemetry
  6. BEP Selection Commands
  7. Selected BEP in Engineering Telemetry
  8. Power Off Command Sequence
  9. CCD, Video Board and Power Relay Relationships
  10. System Configuration Table Value Limits
  11. Startup Message Flags to Reset Type
  12. LED Bi-level Telemetry Mnemonic
  13. Software Housekeeping LED States
  14. Telemetry Buffer Allocations
  15. Timed Exposure Processing Mode Selection
  16. Continuous Clocking Processing Mode Selection
  17. ACIS Power Table
  18. Total ACIS Current Draw
  19. Current Patches


Revision Date
Reason Approval
01 5/30/97 36-923 All Initial Skeleton  
A 9/11/97 36-957 All Initial Version  

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George C. Marshall Space Flight Center
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Marshall Space Flight Center, AL 35812
Center for Space Research
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA 02139
Dr. Peter FordDr. William Mayer
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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