General Image Processing System -- GIPSTM

Peter G. Ford
MIT Center for Space Research

GIPS is set of software tools that assists in creating, manipulating and displaying two-dimensional images within the UNIX environment. All GIPS images are stored as single UNIX files and may be piped from one process to another or between nodes of a network. GIPS commands obey the familiar rules for UNIX command syntax, and image operations of arbitrary complexity may be built up from modular building blocks. Where necessary the commands address specific output devices via a common interface. Developed for Pioneer Venus Radar data analysis at Center for Space Research. SunView and X11/Xview interfaces are supported.




GIPS licenses are available from

M.I.T. Software Center
Technology Licensing Office
Cambridge, MA 02139 USA
Tel: (617) 253-6966
Fax: (617) 258-6790



GIPS distribution

License holders will be issued a userid and password, with which they can gain access to the online GIPS distribution site at


Manual of GIPS commands
Mathematical description of GIPS algorithms
Description of xgips and gipstool commands
Structured index of
Tutorial for GIPS beginners
Combined Tutorial and Manual in Acrobat format

Magellan product created by GIPStm
also in medium and high resolution.