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Appendix A -- Test Tool Status

TABLE A-1.Test Tools and their Current Status
Program Name Author Status Comments
GSE Transport Software
filterClient Ford Implemented
filterServer Ford Implemented
sendCmds Athens Implemented
getPacktes Athens Implemented
shim Athens Partially Implemented Lacking CTUE interface
GSE Test Tool Software
analyzeData Somigliana

Partially defined--the function has been provided by existing programs
buildCmds Somigliana Implemented
lcmd Ford Implemented
ltlm Ford Implemented
monitorDEAHousekeeping Shaff Implemented May require modifications
monitorEngineeringData Athens

monitorScience Somigliana Implemented
processEngineeringData Athens

processScience Somigliana Implemented
runacis Ford Implemented
DEA Image Operations
getImages Shaff Implemented May require modifications
genPixelImages Somigliana Partially Implemented Missing image compression
genObjectImage Ford Implemented
generatedExpectedData Somigliana
Partially defined
loadFitsImage Ford Implemented
putImages Athens Partially Implemented Writes only one file at a time

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