Field Name Length (bits) Bit Contents Description
Item Total Algn Off
writeFep 96 + 32*n 16 0 command Packet Write a block of data to a FEP (see table 54, swreq Rev. I)
  header 4848 16 0 command Header Command Packet Header
    commandLength 1616 16 0 uint16 = 6+2*n Number of 16-bit words in the command packet
    commandIdentifier 1616 16 16 uint16 Used by ground to identify the command
    commandOpcode 1616 16 32 uint16 = 5 Command Operation code which determines format and action of the command [see enum CmdOpcode]: CMDOP_WRITE_FEP
  fepId 33 16 48 uint3 Id of Front End Processor to write to [see enum FepId]
  writeAddress 3232 32 64 uint32 Virtual Front End Processor address to write to
  writeData[pl/2-3] 3232*n 32 96 uint32 Data to write

Definition of variables
n the dimension of the writeData array [pl/2-3]
pl the value of the commandLength field