Field Name Length (bits) Bit Contents Description
Item Total Algn Off
scienceReport 384384 32 0 telemetry Packet Post-science run report sent at the end of a science or bias run (see table 10, swreq Rev. I)
  header 6464 32 0 telemetry Header Telemetry Packet Header
    synch 3232 32 0 uint32 = 0x736f4166 This field delimits the start of a telemetry packet.
    telemetryLength 1010 1 32 uint10 = 12 This field indicates the total number of 32-bit words in the telemetry packet
    formatTag 66 1 42 uint6 = 15 This field identifies the content of the telemetry packet [see enum TlmFormatTag]: TTAG_SCI_REPORT
    sequenceNumber 1616 1 48 uint16 This field is the sequence number of the telemetry packet
  runStartTime 3232 32 64 uint32 Science timestamp counter value at start of science run
  parameterBlockId 3232 32 96 uint32 Parameter Block's Identifier field
  windowBlockId 3232 32 128 uint32 Window List Parameter Block's Identifier field (0xffffffff if none used)
  biasStartTime 3232 32 160 uint32 Science timestamp counter value at start of bias computation
  biasParameterId 3232 32 192 uint32 Parameter Block Identifier from most recent bias computation
  exposuresProduced 3232 32 224 uint32 Number of exposures produced by the CCDs during the run
  exposuresSent 3232 32 256 uint32 Number of exposures telemetered by the run
  biasErrorCount 3232 32 288 uint32 Total number of pixel bias map errors detected during the run
  fepErrorCodes[6] 848 8 320 uint8 Array of codes, indexed by FEP Id, indicating any errors were detected on the corresponding Fep during the run [see enum fepCmdRetCode and enum FepIoErrors]
  ccdErrorFlags 66 1 368 uint6 Flag indicating if any errors were detected on DEA board used for CCD I0 during the run
    ccdError 11 1 368 bit Flag indicating error encountered with a CCD Controller. 1 indicates a problem, 0 indicates no problem.
  deaInterfaceErrorFlag 11 1 374 bit Flag indicating if any errors were detected on the Dea Interface Board during the run
  terminationCode 88 8 376 uint8 Code indicating the reason for the end of the run (i.e. stop command, radiation monitor, error, etc.) [see enum SmTerminationCode]