Field Name Length (bits) Bit Contents Description
Item Total Algn Off
loadDeaBlock 128 + 16*n 16 0 command Packet Load DEA Housekeeping Parameter Block (see table 67, swreq Rev. I)
  header 4848 16 0 command Header Command Packet Header
    commandLength 1616 16 0 uint16 = 8+n Number of 16-bit words in the command packet
    commandIdentifier 1616 16 16 uint16 Used by ground to identify the command
    commandOpcode 1616 16 32 uint16 = 13 Command Operation code which determines format and action of the command [see enum CmdOpcode]: CMDOP_LOAD_DEA
  deaBlockSlotIndex 1616 16 48 uint16 Selects which DEA Housekeeping Parameter Block Slot to overwrite with the contained block
  checksum 1616 16 64 uint16 This is the 16-bit XOR checksum value for the following parameter block
  deaBlockId 3232 16 80 uint32 Identifies the DEA Parameter Block
  sampleRate 88 16 112 uint8 Specifies the number of seconds to wait between each set of housekeeping queries.
  queries[pl-8] 1616*n 16 128 query DeaHousekeeping Array of housekeeping query entries
    ccdId 88 8 128+
uint8 CCD Identifier to choose the corresponding DEA CCD Controller, or CCD_DESELECT to choose the DEA interface board [see enum CcdId]
    queryId 88 8 136+
uint8 DEA query code to send to board [see enum DeaQueryCcdId for CCD board queries, and DeaQueryCntlId for interface board queries]

Definition of variables
i the index of an element in the queries array (0 < i < n)
n the dimension of the queries array [pl-8]
pl the value of the commandLength field