Field Name Length (bits) Bit Contents Description
Item Total Algn Off
dataCcGraded 96 + 34*n 32 0 telemetry Packet Data Packet, Continuous Clocking, Graded Mode (see table 35, swreq Rev. I)
  header 6464 32 0 telemetry Header Telemetry Packet Header
    synch 3232 32 0 uint32 = 0x736f4166 This field delimits the start of a telemetry packet.
    telemetryLength 1010 1 32 uint10 = 3+(17*n)/16 This field indicates the total number of 32-bit words in the telemetry packet
    formatTag 66 1 42 uint6 = 31 This field identifies the content of the telemetry packet [see enum TlmFormatTag]: TTAG_SCI_CC_DAT_GRADED
    sequenceNumber 1616 1 48 uint16 This field is the sequence number of the telemetry packet
  ccdId 44 1 64 uint4 Identify which CCD produced the data [see enum CcdId]
  fepId 33 1 68 uint3 Identify which FEP processed the data [see enum FepId]
  dataPacketNumber 2020 1 71 uint20 Data Packet Number within the current CCD exposure
  events[(16*pl-48)/17] 3434*n 32 96 event CcGraded Array of Continuous Clocking Graded Mode events
    transferRow 99 1 96+
uint9 Transfer Row counter (relative to start of frame) of center pixel of the event
    ccdColumn 1010 1 105+
uint10 CCD Column position of center pixel of the event
    eventAmplitude 1313 1 115+
uint13 Amplitude of the 1x3 Event
    gradeCode 22 1 128+
uint2 Graded Code of the event [see Event Grade Code Definition]

Definition of variables
i the index of an element in the events array (0 < i < n)
n the dimension of the events array [(16*pl-48)/17]
pl the value of the telemetryLength field