Field Name Length (bits) Bit Contents Description
Item Total Algn Off
commandEcho 176 + 16*n 32 0 telemetry Packet Acknowledge receipt and disposition of a command packet (see table 63, swreq Rev. I)
  header 6464 32 0 telemetry Header Telemetry Packet Header
    synch 3232 32 0 uint32 = 0x736f4166 This field delimits the start of a telemetry packet.
    telemetryLength 1010 1 32 uint10 = (11+n)/2 This field indicates the total number of 32-bit words in the telemetry packet
    formatTag 66 1 42 uint6 = 7 This field identifies the content of the telemetry packet [see enum TlmFormatTag]: TTAG_CMD_ECHO
    sequenceNumber 1616 1 48 uint16 This field is the sequence number of the telemetry packet
  arrival 3232 32 64 uint32 BEP Timer Tick interrupt count at time of command arrival
  result 3232 32 96 uint32 Command execution result code [see enum CmdResult]
  commandHeader 4848 16 128 command Header Copy of the command header that was executed
    commandLength 1616 16 128 uint16 = 3+n Number of 16-bit words in the command packet
    commandIdentifier 1616 16 144 uint16 Used by ground to identify the command
    commandOpcode 1616 16 160 uint16 Command Operation code which determines format and action of the command [see enum CmdOpcode]
  commandBody[2*pl-11] 1616*n 16 176 uint16 Copy of the body of the command that was executed

Definition of variables
n the dimension of the commandBody array [2*pl-11]
pl the value of the telemetryLength field