ACIS Hardware Command: 1ERBICL

Update:   06/08/98
Owner:   ACIS
Mnemonic:   1ERBICL
Signal Name:   Readback the EEPROM data
Channel Type:   SD
RCTU Name:   SI
Channel Number:   3
Equipment Side:   NA
Bit Configuration:   1111000000000vvv
Critical:   N
Hazardous:   N
SDD Def:   reads back nibble pointed to by bits 32 to 34
SDD Start:   32
SDD End:   34
Remarks:   Readback the EEPROM data nibble pointed to by D(2)-D(0). (Word address is previously latched via HW command 1EWADDCL). 1BLTSLCL must previously be set to 1.

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